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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

    Hello everyone.. just a quick question, and thanks for all your help in advance. I use VEP6 live as a plugin host on live gigs. Recently I have been dealing with an issue that appears to be a stability issue that i never experienced before. 1example is when I am creating a template , first I create a new channel, then I set midi controllers to volume and disable functions.. but recently while in this process VEP will shut down and an error message pops up.. so now when creating templates or editing templates I save after every step to prevent repeating because of crash.. 2nd when I'm on a live gig, I have to put my computer mouse somewhere that it will not move because if it moves the VEP software will crash.. that's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I'm using a Mac Pro 64 gigs of ram and latest Mac OS

  • Hi cliffb1, 

    Please send crash reports and a screenshots of the error message to, we will take a look, with a quick reference to this thread. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL