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  • Mac OS keeps asking me for Network permission ...

    I currently use the 64 bit server version of VEpro on Mac OS sierra and two Windows 10 PCs. I just updated to Sierra, but the problem existed before as well on that mac pro. So, I hope it would be solved along with other problems with a fresh installation, but the only way to prevent Mac OS form asking for permission is to shut off the firewall, which I obviously do not want to do.

    Of course did I set up the exception for VEpro in the extended options in the firewall settings. How can I prevent this from happening again and again? Of course, it is not a big thing, but as all perpetual problems: I would like to solve it. 


  • Hello Fritz, 

    Unfortunately, the built-in Apple Firewall only allows exceptions on an application basis, but not for individual ports.

    VE Pro uses multiple ports for operation, this is why the Apple Firewall will always throw this message unless it is deactivated altogether.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL