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  • viodeo tutorials and audio erxamples playback issue

    Firefox on a Mac,  OSX 10.11.6

    1) go to!Video_Demos

    2) start playing the "Overview" video

    3) click the pause button or wait for the video to finiish

    expected result: the video and its sound track stop playing

    actual result: the audio starts again.


    try playing several videos in sequence >>> result: "audio salad"

    the same is true for the audio example player

    how can I play these media without having to download them?



  • thank you for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.

    we have already noticed this behaviour since a week or so, so far exclusively on OS X and FF

    we will do our best to bring the expected behaviour back again.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Similar problem here, using any browser (Safari, Chrome) on my i7 iMac (latest update of Sierra) via DSL (10 Mbps/sec). The entire website is very slow for me - even the splash image at the top of each page unfurls like it's 1992. As for the audio and video demos: with Safari, click play; watch the buffer grow very slowly; and 15 minutes later (if lucky), it starts to play. With Chrome, it loads faster (same video for comparison), but it's necessary to pause the load for 10 minutes until the buffer is big enough to play more than a couple seconds. Right now, after 10 minutes of this, the video plays only the first 40 seconds. Everything else online on my Mac loads and plays at normal "2017 speed." 

    This has been going on since I began haunting the site several days ago. In times past, streaming on this site was always normal.  

  • I don't have any problems with loading, buffering, speed, etc using either Firefox or Safari. The site operates lightning fast on my home Internet connection.

    The problem I described in my original post persists and it affects Firefox - in Safari the online media players work for me as expected ... confirming cm's suspicion that it may be an issue specific to Firefox.