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  • Need info about the "Level 2"


    I've had the Vienna Instruments (strings) for quite a while. I recently decided to actually learn how to use them.

    I recall hearing someplace that the Level 2 samples that came with the package are only there for a certain number of plays and then become unavailable. 

    1. Is that true? and,

    2. How do I know which samples are part of level 2 and when will they no longer be available?

    I found many patches like string runs and slides that arn't in the matrixes I've been using. Are these level 2? 


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    Hi NealF,

    That's a good idea (to learn how to use the instruments you have)!

    You have purchased STANDARD Libraries of your string products, which means that the "Level 2" Articulations are in fact part of the EXTENDED Libraries.

    Here is a link to the sample content of, e.g. Solo Strings, to see how this is organized.

    You probably still have a demo license available on your key, which gives you access to the Extended Libraries for a certain number of starts or a certain time. You can check the remaining starts/time in your eLicenser Control Center, the license is called "All Applications".

    After the demo license has expired, you will not have access to the Extended Libraries of your collections anymore, but of course you can purchase those licenses online anytime.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Got it.