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  • After upgrade to VEPRO6 on PC, only standalone NOT server is opening unless....

    After I upgraded to VEPRO 6 when I open the program it triggers an alert telling me audio/midi is not setup. It is a slave machine so I have nothing to choose for setting up MIDI/Audio. Then it just opens up a blank 'standalone' instance and not the 'server' application. (This was not the case when using VEPRO 5)

    My only way to launch the server is to doubleclick on an older metaframe file and then it launches VEPRO6 server with that metaframe. 

    I searched my drive for the 'server' application and it doesn't find it. ? But it's there for sure.

    Any suggestions welcome...thank you in advance. 

  • I just bought this this week and trying to find answers to questions I have myself but if I were you, I would try loading/launching the v.i or v.p as a Plugin in my daw on the other computer and see if they connect. Good luck!