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  • Harmonics Question for string players

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    Here is a question for string players out of sheer laziness on my part since I could find this out otherwise, but don't want to do any work on it.  😎

    What would be the instrument to play harmonics of the sounding notes:

    4rth space e flat,

    3rd space c,

    a flat


    all within the treble clef.   Would those be possible on cello and would they be natural or artificial?  


    Hi William,

    e flat can be played as touch 4ths by viola and cello.

    the C can be played by the viola as a touch 4th on the C string or touching a node at that notes position.

    The C  can also be played by the cello as an artificial touch 4th.

    Like wise the a flat is touch 4th on  cello.

    The G can be a touch 5th on the viola or a node at that notes position. On the cello, it can be played on the notes position as a node on the c string, or a touch 4th on the G string.

    The harmonics you can touch on a node with one finger are natural...
  • thanks!  I am thinking of using just cello for those.