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  • Why Vienna Instruments PRO


    I'm a user of the VSL SE libraries, with a single full instruments and probably other full instruments to come. I wonder if the Vienna Instruments software that comes with the SE is enough for my needs, or I shoudl profit of the current promotion on the PRO version.

    I don't plan to use the internal sequencer, nor the increased number of slots per cell, neither the section ensemble building features. I'm tempted by the time stretching on legato and vibrato. Less interested to the alternative scales and humanization.

    What do you use the PRO player for? Please, give me hints on possible uses I don't see at the moment.


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    Hi Paolo,

    One very practical feature of VI PRO is that you can use a smaller Preload size, so that you can load samples stored on your SSD drives up to 10 times quicker and use only 1/10th of the RAM at the same time.

    Find the PRELOAD setting in the Directory Manager.

    Other features are shown in the VI PRO Video Tutorials.

    I'd say, check out VI PRO with a free demo license!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL