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  • Question about Historic Winds I

    Hi (sorry for my bad English)

    According to the sample content page, the Serpent has crescendo and diminuendo patches but I can't find them anywhere. I've downloaded and installed the library again but they're still not there. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


  • Dear David,

    I'm very sorry, that was a mistake on my part when I entered the Serpent's sample content for the web page. Obviously I copied the content from another instrument and forgot to delete what wasn't there, including not only the cres-dim but also trills and fast repetitions ... The instrument manuals normally contain the right information, so in case of doubt one should trust them rather than our website.

    The mistake has been corrected, it now displays the proper content of the serpent.

    Btw, there's nothing wrong with your English!

    Kind regards, David

  • Thank you. I thought I did something wrong.

    Kind regards, David