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  • database of classical music

    Hi there,


    I'm looking for a website that i have come across before that had the mission of making recordings of classical scores that have never been recorded before.


    these were all done using VSL and other libraries. anyone can help me find this site again?






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    I never heard of it, but it sounds very interesting. Please post the link if you find it again. 😊

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    It is possible that you mean my website

    At least is what you described an important part of my project, which contains currently with nearly 120 hours of classical music from 400 years in over 2600 mp3's of which 680 are classical compositions recorded there for the very first time. All music was produced in the last years by myself with samplelibraries:

    The only thing which is obviously different. my website is not all interesting 😉
    (at least in the eyes of the VSL-guys, who never took any notice of this by far largest resource of serious classical keyboard, vocal, chamber, and orchestral (smphonc aswell as concertant) music created with VSL libraries in nearly every kind of ensemblemusic).

    This page gives an overview of all ensemble-recordings of my site:

    However if you know anything about other comparable projects I'll be also very interested



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