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  • Copy and Paste Controller Mappings with Values

    It would be much easier for my workflow when building Presets and Templates if the Values of the Controllers would be taken over if I paste them to another Preset. For me its very frustrating to apply every controller to my standard starting Values for special Instrument Groups after pasting them. A good Solution could be to Save Controller Mappings (with their values to a special File). (Yes i know about the "Startup" Preset...)

    Maybe anyone has a Solution to get around that issue?

  • I agree, ideally. What I do is set up a matrix of preset, and after saving it, use that as a base to change instrument patches, at which point I save it with the new instrument name. Works pretty well. But I understand what you're saying. Ideally you could save several presets that didn't include matrices and instrument presets, just controller presets.

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  • Hi, 

    How does the context menu (right-click) in the real-time controller area in Basic View work for you?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, thanks for the replys.

    @Paul: Thats what i use to Copy & Paste the Controller Mappings from one VI Pro Instance to another one in VE Pro. For my Workflow it would be much easier if the Values of each Controller were taken over too.

    I have an empty VI Pro PRESET just with my most used Controller Mapping with their Values which i use as starting Point.