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  • Vienna Suite (1) File location?

    Hi folks,

    I have Vienna Suite (not Pro) installed on my Mac and also on my Slave PC (Win7).

    I made a template in VEPro6 on my Mac and want to transfer it to VEPro on the PC. When opening the template on PC Vienna Suite can't find the impulse responses I used in the Convolution Reverb on Mac and ask me to locate the file on the PC.

    Where on PC should this impulse responses be located? I'm a Windows noob and have no idea where to look for it.



  • Hi Torsten,

    Vienna Suite's factory IRs use the file-extension *.vci. After a default installation they should be found automatically. They should reside in  [sytem disk]:\ProgramData\VSL\VSL Convolution Reverb\vci\[subfolder] ... please be aware that the folder "ProgramData" has been made invisible by your Windows installation, unless you or your sys admin changed that manually.

    Any 3rd-party IRs can reside wherever you want them to. Just copy them from your Mac and tell Vienna Suite's Convolution Reverb the file path (in the IR selection dialog).


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you! Possible that I used third party IRs and have to copy them to the PC. I'll try that!