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  • Vienna Ens Pro Kontakt 5, multiple outputs Routing Ableton

    There's seems to exactly zero references to anything about Ableton in the manual.
    I really need to figure out how to route one instance of kontakt with multiple instruments, each having separate outputs. As the manual doesn't mention Ableton at all I guess it isn't supported?

    I have enabled 32 inputs/outputs (is the default)

    I think I'm not the only one wondering this.

  • Use Cubase now, but maybe i can help. IN VEP: You have to create in kontakt as many outputs as you want to be able do separately control as audio in live, meaning that if you kontakt instruments are all routed to the same output(s), those output(s) will be the only audio you will be able to have in ableton. So, let's make the basic scenario, you create one kontakt instance and you have 16 instruments: you have to enable all of kontakt/vep outputs and route each instrument to its own output. Basically vep needs to have an output assigned to each instrument whose audio you want to control separately in Live. Now in Live, what you want to do is to create one instance of VEP VST and connect it to the proper VEP server instance. Now you need to create "external instruments" tracks for each articulation/instrument you want to separately control in VEP, and match the proper midi channels in the Live external instrument tracks and in VEP so that each external instrument track controls a specific kontakt instance/articulation. The final step is to get the audio coming from vep routed inside these "external instruments" tracks, and very easily you simply pickfrom the menu of the given external instrument track a "receive audio from" or something like that option, picking up audio from one of the channels that you have created as audio outs in VEP. So it's midi from an external instrument track ---> routed to a specific kontakt instrument ---> audio of the instrument goes to a specific vep output ---> that channel is routed inside the original external instrument track. Once done, you have each external instrument track controlling a specific articulation, and the audio is within that same track, which is much more conveniente vs. i.e. cubase where you have one track for sending midi and one track for receiving audio. What you then generally do is obviously to group the VEP Instance track with the corresponding external instruments tracks, so that you have a tidy little folder with inside of it all the tracks that drive a given VEP instance. Rinse & Repeat for every VEP Instance you create. If i remember correctly Live does not support VST3, so there are some limitations on the number of midi channels/ports you can have for each VEP Instance (16 if i remember correctly as you probably can't assign different ports). Before switching to Cubase, i had managed to setup a very nice little template with 100ish tracks in Live controlling a corresponding number of articulations contained in various VEP instances.

  • Hi

    thaks for your clear explanation about Live and VEP routing.

    Is the Live template you mentionned at the end of your answer, available?

    It would be helpful for us.

    Best regards from Luxembourg



  • Hi

    About the Logic multiport template again.

    The main track volume is affected by any track automation too , causing drops and unwanted ups and downs volume picks.

    Is VSL planning to correct and update that template?

    Or is any exeprienced person giving us a workaround in order to avoid looking for the unwanted automation line in  the 170 tracks listed in that template?.


    I do hope someoe will hear that call