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  • VE Pro 6 and Kontakt 5

    I'm running Mavericks OS on Mac Pro tower along with VE Pro 6 64 bit/Kontakt 5.

    VE Pro can see AU plugins but does not see VST plugins. From what I can tell VE Pro can see all the other VST plugins.

    All help here will be greatly appreciated.  (Note! all software is working great but I need to exchange

    files with other programmers using windows and they can only work with VST plugins thus the need for

    me to be compatible without them to manually reset things before they can use the files).




  • Hi Joe, 

    I'd reinstall Kontakt and make sure that the VST version is actually installed. There is only one default location for all plug-ins on OS X, so I don't see what could go wrong.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL