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  • What Beethoven's 5th Might Have Sounded Like

    I found this on Youtube the other day and thought I'd share it on the forum

    Basically, it's Leonard Bernstein analyzing Beethoven's 5th Symphony.  What's interesting about it is that Bernstien explores all of the different themes that Beethoven toiled over before deciding on the iconic four notes that we all know today.  He then orchestrates the different "sketches" and we hear what the 5th might have sounded like.

    It's interesting how different Beethoven's approach to composing was compared to say Mozart.  He was such a perfectionist who agonized over the art of composition.

    Some of it is inaccurate.  Beethoven wasn't deaf by the 5th and going blind?  Never heard that but if you have a half hour and love beethoven it's worth a watch.

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