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  • extended library = solo strings ii? or no-vibrato?

    i purchased solo strings 1 and 2, and i'm noticing that i don't appear to have any no-vibrato samples, but it says that there are no-vibrato samples in the extended library.

    i'm also not noticing anywhere where i can purchase this emphemorous "extended library." but if II is the extended library, i haven't been able to find any no-vibrato samples.

    anyone have any info to help alleviate this confusion? thanks :)


    concerned in new york

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    What is "emphemorous" ...?  ðŸ˜

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • i meant "ephemeral," meaning something fleeting. as in, i see the possibility of getting just the extended violins, but then it looks like i have to get the full set

    the point is, where does one find the upgrade for solo strings i and ii

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    Dear concerned in new york,

    It looks like you just purchased the standard Solo string libraries 1 and 2.  Correct?

    Solo strings 2 is "con sordino"  AKA with mutes.

    If you bought the libraries from the VSL site I think there should be a button for "extended" on the product page (solo strings product page).  Or maybe it says "full" but you will only see it if you are logged in.

    If you bought them from I think it will say "upgrade" on the product page.

    Clear as mud?


    It gets cold here in Arizona but it's a dry cold

    PS Have a nice day😎