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  • Save/Load instance with name?


    I'm about to merge to Server Projects from 2 macs into one. When I open the Server Project with the Project/instance that I want to copy, I first save it with a name ex. VSL Harp 1+2.

    Now I open the target Server Project and here is the problem, that I can't get my VSL Harp 1+2 into WITH the name. I have to create a new Instance give it a name, load the VSL Harp 1+2 in the instance and rename it. Why?

    Why can't I load an Instance right into the server interface with name and everything. And why is the name an Instance when I create it and a project when I save it?

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    Hello Stig,

    Could it be that you are mixing up the preserved name (which is dynamic) and the *.vep file name (which is static, the saved state of an instance)?

    You can also see the name of a loaded *.vep file next to the menu bar of each instance, in [..]

    See pages 40/41 in the VE PRO 6 manual.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    I found a solution, it might even be in the manual ;-)

    If I drag a vep64 file from a folder to the TOP of the server window a new instance is created and the name is preserved.

    If I drag it to the middle of the server instance then another procedure is followed. I clearly prefer the first solution.