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  • Question: upgrading from Brass SE Vol. 1 and 1 Plus to..

    Where do I go to find out about upgrading from Brass SE Vol. 1 and 1 Plus to either one the Brass libraries or hopefully Dimension Brass if that's possible? 

    Do you have info on this site, can I ask a direct question or do I need to contact ILIO in the US?



    Regards, Steve Steele
  • Hello Steve, 

    Upgrade paths are always possible if you already have some sample content in your already registered products. 

    All Special Editions contain different sample content, so all you can do is complete a bundle, if you like. 
    You will always see "Your Price" on the corresponding product page when you are logged in.

    The Dimension Brass was added long after the Special Editions were created, so there will be no upgrade path from the Special Editions.

    Don´t forget about our current special offer in december (purchase 3 Vouchers,  get 1 free!).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL