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  • Crackles in VEP 6

    I know this is a pretty common problem and I Googled the topic but I still can't solve it. I get serious crackles and pops with VEP 6. I have an iMac with 32 GB of RAM running Cubase 9. My slave is a 12-core Xeon processor with 128 GB of RAM. I'm running about 1000 tracks with samples purged so I am only using half my RAM on the slave. The performance meter is low. I am using a gigabit ethernet switch and I have new cables. Some suggestions I've tried to no avail: switched off wifi, no other audio programs running, ASIO Guard off, trashed Cubase Prefs and restarted both computers. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to cause me to loose a fair amount of time because it takes around 20 minutes to load my template. Someone posted on this forum something about creating a static IP address. I read the post, but I didn't understand. I had somebody help me hook it up initially so I have no idea about the IP address or even how to change it. This is the post from Paul from VSL: Manually assign one of these IP addresses to the computers and ethernet ports in your setup: 192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x, and assign a subnet mask of, then it should work. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Aaron

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    Hi Aaron,

    Are you on OS X on both computers?

    This is how you assign IP addresses in a network on OS X (you just need to fill out IP address and subnet mask), for a straight connection between 2 computers (use the same networkm e.g., 192.168.0.x).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I'm using Windows 10 on the slave computer.  I'm a complete idiot on Windows machines since it's my first PC.  Do you think the IP address issue could be causing my crackles?  Again, it's not all of the time, but enough that I need to solve it.  When the sound isn't distorting everything works great.

    I'll read through the article you sent.

    Thanks much,


  • Hi Aaron, 

    That sounds more like a soundcard problem to me... Is there a way to reproduce this? Did you check if other applications are also playing back distorted (browsers, iTunes..)?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, Yes I did check that. I have an Apollo 8 Thunderbolt with the latest drivers installed and iTunes, Logic, and all other audio plays fine. That was a good suggestion, but unfortunately not the problem. For the moment everything is playing fine, but the problem will mostly likely appear again. I'll try and take note what I did just before I notice the distortion. Restarting both computers helps sometimes. Thanks Paul, Aaron

  • Hello,

    I had a similar issue with VEP5 awhile ago. For me, it ended up being a combination of DPC latency, network drivers, and my DAW Cubase. Eventually, the problem resolved itself through some updates, and minor tinkering on my part. Hopefully this gives you some avenues to explore.