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  • [SOLVED] VEP 6 latest update, note working with Pro Tools 12.6.1

    After updating to the latest VEP 6 update (dec 2) my pro tools gets stuck loading VEP plugin, if I move the plugin out of the folder, everything works fine, but as soon as I put the plugin back in PT gets stuck loading. 

  • Same here, stucked on PTHD 11.3.2 as well on the loading screen, can we get this fixed as soon as possible please?

    This really give me doubt if I should even upgrade to VEP6 from VEP5 if this loading screen problem is a thing . . .

    Additional Info : I'm on Mac, OSX 10.9.5.


  • I've got the same issue with both Pro Tools 11.3.1 AND Cubase 8.5.20, both on Mac.


    EDIT: I'm also on OSX 10.9.5

  • Same here, hang at Loading Plug-Ins, Vienna Ensemble Pro

    VEP 6.0.15563, OSX 10.11.6, Ptools 12.6.1, HDX2

    This system will open Ptools 12.6.1, but then hang attempting to add a stereo VEP on instrument or aux.

    VEP 6.0.15563, OSX 10.11.6, Ptools 12.6.1, RME MADI-FX

    will try revert back to VEP 6.0.15500....

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    We are looking into this, samples from your Activity Monitor would be good to have.

    => Open Activity Monitor
    => Choose Vienna Ensemble PRO
    => Click the small "i" in the upper left corner
    => Click "Sample" in the lower left corner
    => Save the file and send it to us

    Additionally, please add your app logs (found in User/ Library/ Application Support/VSL/Vienna Ensemble Pro/logs/app).

    Our support address is

    When you roll back to a previous version (available in the Software Archive), please use the UNINSTALLER before you roll back.

    Hope we can fix this quickly, sorry for the inconvenience.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Same problem here, installed back previous version and Bingo! Everything working again.

    Sierra 10.12.1 / Pro tools 12.6.1 HD

  • Rolled back, and its working now, 12 hrs yet no problems to be found.

    So much better than VEPro5, no reason not to upgrade to Vep6... hmmmmmmmm.

  • Same here... PT 12.5.2 in OS 10.9.5.

    Went back to previous build.

  • Hello everybody, 

    As mentioned before, we would be happy to receive your app logs and hang samples (see previous post). 

    Unfortunately we did not receive a single mail regarding this problem yet...

    Thanks for your input in advance!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hello everybody,

    Thanks for your input and patience!

    This bug has been fixed, the new VE PRO 6.0.15567 is available in Software Installers.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    I have this problem since back then, I'm not entirely sure why is this happening to me.

    I have my Pro Tools HD 11 loaded on master computer [ MAC OSX 10.9.5 ] 32GB Ram, Intelxeon 8cores, SSD 1TB.

    The CPU usage shown as only 1% with nothing loaded in my PT HD 11, as soon I add an instance connecting to my slave computer, my CPU jumps to 10%-15%, as soon I start adding more Instance, its gradually increasing, but note that I have nothing else loaded, just Instances... on my main computer.

    I had no problem doing it locally before without slave computer, I can load massive amount of Kontakts loaded in VEP6 with reasonable CPU usage.

    What could be the main cause? I'm using Cat 7 ethernet cable connecting directly from my Mac to my PC [Slave] IPV4 were set to [PC], on [Mac], subnet

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    @Paul said:

    Hello everybody, 

    Thanks for your input and patience!

    This bug has been fixed, the new VE PRO 6.0.15567 is available in Software Installers


    Hi Paul,

    I am not sure this is where to post this, but I have noticed an issue with Pro Tools 12.6.1 since the latest plugin update 6.0.15567. The plugin will now load into PT no issues and scans successfully, however I cannot play notes that do not dropout or pop and stutter.

    I tried it with the VE PRO Server (64bit) on my Windows machine (i7 4770K, 32GB, Windows 10 Pro) and my masOS machine (Mac Pro 5,1 12-Core, 64GB, macOS Sierra 10.12.1), but with the same results.

    In order to ensure it was not the macOS application or windows I have kept the latest version of the installed files and simply moved the AAX plugin to (unused). I then used Pacisfist to extract version 6.0.15500 of the AXX plugin from the pakage installer and placed it in the plugins folder. 

    On launching Pro Tools 12.6.1 once more, letting the plugins scan and reconnecting the older plugin to the latest Server Application versions I can confrm that there are no issues with audio playback.

    I can send you the report from my logs and sample the process as well.

    Hope this helps.


    Christopher Thake

  • Hi, 

    Just a quick update that stalinstudio has fixed his troubles by adjusting the thread settings for Kontakt and VE PRO (via 

    @Christopher: Nothing has changed for the VE PRO Plug-in with this latest version. Could it be that this is "just" a network problem?

    => Please send some documentation of the problem to, we will take a look. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL