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  • MIR Stops working after updating to VEP 15389

    MIR Pro seems broken in 15389. I tried both inline and bussed routings. No sound from channels where MIR is activated. This is on my slave computer.


    Anyone can confirm this?





  • I have the same problem in 15389, so I rollbacked to 15376 yesterday and MIR playback is okay in 15376 unless  starting VEP on Microsoft remote desktop.

    almost VSL libraries, Mac m1 ultra, Nuendo/Studio One
  • I've confirmed this issue. It only happens in certain circumstances, so that's why it must've slipped by our testers. A new update with a fix will be released as soon as possible.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks for the 15401 update.


    I can get MIR to work in new empty instances but not in some of pre build template.

    It works in my Brass and strings instance but not in my Woodwinds instance.


    EDIT: I found out that it works when you reset the MIR Pro Output setting in MIRx mode