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  • Vienna Imperial Question


    I'm just curious about the samples amount of Vienna Imperial. As the description says that it is recorded 1200 samples per key, 97 times 1200 should be 116,400 samples. However, there are only 69,663 samples on the product page. If I assume that only 69,663/1200= 58 keys are sampled, does it mean that the Vienna imperial is sampled in whole-tone, not in semi-tone? What is the reason behind this? Also, I would like to know if the old Bossendorfer Imperial is sampled in whole-tone as well?

    Thank you.

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    Well, I don't own the Imperial, and I'm sure Paul will chime in and correct me if I'm wrong, but if you look at the sample content!Sample_Content it says regular and soft pedal so each key was probably sampled in both positions?  So if you divide your number by two I think it comes out to over 58,000 samples.  Then there's the resonance tones and maybe the release samples to make up the difference?

    I think what's mind blowing about this product is "100 velocities per key."  The standard in the industry right now I think is about 15 to 20 velocities.

    As for the Bosendorfer Imperial, which I do own, it only has I think 7 velocity layers per key.  I hope an updated version of the Bose. Imperial is in the works with more velocity layers sampled😊  I would even invest in another "extended" Bosen. Imperial library containing more velocity layers.

  • Hello, 

    We have samples up to 100 velocities per key (using only those velocities that actually sound different. 

    The lower ranges and the higher ranges need less velocities than the middle range of a piano. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL