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  • VSL SE crossfading issues

    I made a mock-up for piano and solo violin (from VSL SE 1) and I discovered, that some strange things happen, when I crossfade the legato samples (I am not sure, if it's only the legato articulation): When I crossfade from loud to silent, the sound goes from wide to narrow and it seems the panning goes slightly to the left. It is like the louder samples were recorded differently than the silent ones.


    Has anybody experienced the same and can maybe suggest a workaround?

  • Hello Daniel, 

    Every minimal change in the player´s position (or how he is holding the instrument) will result in a change in the stereo panorama, also, different notes will create different impressions in a room (try with a sinus sound in your studio => walk around in the room). 

    My suggestion is to make the stereo width with single instruments a bit more narrow, best with a power pan. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL