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  • Mixing/panning VSL SE without MIR(x) etc.

    I own VSL SE Volume 1 Bundle. I while ago I tried all the MIR extensions and I found they positioned every instrument pretty fine even with the dry/wet knob at 0. Because VSL SE is not my main library and the high CPU demand for separate reverbs on each track are too high for my computer, I look for a solution without MIR extensions.

    I found an OK solution to push the instruments back with pre-fader aux-send reverbs. My main problem is panning. As long as the stereo-width remains as recorded the samples sound decent. However, when I reduce the stereo-width they sound rather awkward which is not a problem when MIR extensions do the panning. So my questions is: is there a certain trick to pan VSL instruments that doesn't destroy the sound?

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    Hello Daniel,

    Did you check out the Special Edition Tutorials? Those are made without MIRx, but using Vienna Suite and powerpanning.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    thanks for your reply. I think I haven't watched them yet - they are probably quite new?

    Is there a difference between power panning and the stereo panning you can find within Vienna Instruments or Cubase? Because exactly this stereo panning gave me the impression that the sound gets squeezed together and receives some ugly changes in the frequency spectrum.

  • Hi Daniel, 

    The PowerPan in Vienna Suite offers more options than the powerpan in Vienna Ensemble, but in general, it´s the same. 

    Can you post an example of a "destroyed sound", with a comparison to the unpanned sound?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL