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  • still October 10, but Edu discount option is gone

    I checked in w/ VSL - and Paul wrote and sent me the instructions for receiving the academic discount: 

    But this part is no longer working:

    After having selected the product(s) at our web shop, go to your basket and proceed to "ORDER SUMMARY". Click on the corresponding student discounts checkbox and then on "SELECT STUDENT ID" to upload a scan of your document (as .pdf/.bmp/.jpg/.png/.tif files).

    The "student discounts checkbox" no longer appears at this part of the checkout process. 

    I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? And I wonder if I should just make the purchase and send my credentials in an email? (I have already bought two items on the sale, and that worked without issue - of COURSE I was waiting till the last day to make my final decisions!) 

    Hoping for advice from VSL staff or other members here. 

  • It's not 10/10 any longer in Vienna...

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  • True. But it was 11am EST when I first tried to make the purchase and then contacted VSL. There was no mebtion of it being end of business day. (And when Paul responded to me, he seemed to think it was still available).

  • Hi Daniel, 

    Just letting you know that I answered to your email a few hours ago that you will receive our student discount, so I hope that you're all set. :)

    Best, Stefan

  • Thanks Stefan, 

    Just ordered the additional insts - grateful for this excellent customer service from VSL!