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  • Using VE Pro on Parallel Systems

    Hi There,
    First time poster here on the forum.  Any help y'all can offer would be most appreciated!  

    I'm attempting to put together a composing rig for my assistant that mirrors my own.  I currently run Logic 10.2 on an iMac, connecting with a PC slave via VE Pro 5.

    I have never attempted to open a Logic session created with one master/slave set-up on second master/slave set-up.  (My assistant's PC slave is still being built, so I haven't been able to test this yet).  So here's my question:

    Let's call my system the A system and call my assistant's parallel system the B system.  And let's assume that the A and B systems are running the same version of Logic, VE Pro, and all plugins.

    In order to take a Logic project with VE Pro created on the A system and open it on the B system, is it necessary for the slaves on the A and B systems to have the same IP address?

    If so, I'm guessing that would make it impossible (or at least difficult) for the A and B systems to exist on the same LAN?

    My ideal set-up would be to have the A & B systems (2 master computers and 2 slave computer) exist on the same network so that all 4 computers can share a wired internet connection and swap files freely.  But I don't see how that would work if the 2 slaves need to have the same fixed IP address.



  • Hi Andy, 

    Yes, that would be trouble, with identical IP addresses. 

    If you want the computers to be on the same network, I´m afraid you´ll have to reassign each VE PRO plug-in each time you open it on the A or B system (after having saved it on the corresponding other system)...


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the help, Paul.  I'm glad I checked before sinking any time into trying to make it work!