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  • To my surprise!

    I just purchased a couple of packages (special edition 2 strings and woodwinds) and to my surprise, included unbeknownst to me is a bonus, appassionata strings. Have no idea what is in this (close to 600 mb) but Im waiting for everything to finish downloading / installing / updating before I look.

    Its like Christmas in early October, yay me!

    Im still trying to figure out a workflow that will work for me, Im using a Motif XF8 with a relatively dated dual core 3.0 ghz AMD PC with 8 gb of ram and just starting to learn the technology side of this, I used good old fashioned pen and paper and manually transcribed into a PC in the past but it seems like this might be faster IF I can figure out how to get cubase and Vienna to work together in a way that doesnt require so much effort. I cant seem to get the routing to work correctly (Cubase, Reaper, DP9), nor can I seem to figure out a good method for using a DAW like a tracker. I literally want to pick a track, hit record, have everything that was already recorded play back as I play the new track and record. Doesnt seem like it should be that difficult but it is. MIDI is far more complicated than it should be for something so simplistic :(.

    What I wouldnt give for Vienna to release a DAW, they could make their entire system unified and take out the complexity.

    Anyway, my troubles aside, very neat to buy something and get a bonus that isnt documented anywhere.

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    Hi littlewierdo,

    Glad to hear that you´re happy with your purchase.

    The Appassionata Strings Bonus files for the SE Vol 2 Strings is documented on the product page, and I´m sure you will like the sound.

    You can use either Vienna Instruments separately (one for each instrument in your DAW) or in Vienna Ensemble (a host for Vienna Instruments). These videos should help with the basics.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I noticed they were listed after I posted but didnt have time to fix the post, I didnt see it listed initially so for me, it was a surprise.

    As to setting up VI for my DAW, I cannot seem to get the routing to work. I can get a single voice to work, additional voices both produce no audio and are not seen by my DAW. The routing in VE is simple enough, each channel goes into its own MIDI channel, easy to select that below the fader in the mixer window. Its the DAW that Im having the trouble with. I currently have Reaper, an old version of Cubase, an old version of Digital Performer (version 8 I think), and Pro Tools (version 10(?)) and none of them want to work with more than one voice. Mind you, I havent had alot of time to fiddle with this stuff, Im a 3/4 time student with a 60 hour /week job but maybe one day Ill get to play with some of this.

  • Hi, 

    The best idea is to send a few screenshots to, so we can take a look. I´m not really familiar with Reaper, but Cubase, DP and PT will be fine. 

    Did the videos help? Which step is not clear?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I havent had a chance to get to watching the vids just yet, working 2 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday plus trying to get to Calculus schoolwork before tomorrow so probably wont get to the videos until tomorrow night (after I get back from the campus, which will be late, Ill have a couple hours of free time, I hope). Ill let you know how it goes...