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  • Can't Update VEP 6

    I have tried to update to VEP 6.0.15318 several times and it does not work.  I go through the process and click install.  VEP shuts down, I wait for quite awhile and it's always at VEP 6.0.15264.  I also restarted my computer.

    I have the latest Windows 10 version on my slave computer.  I'm probably missing something obvious.



  • Okay, I just solved it.  I don't know why it doesn't download when I click update from within VEP 6, but I downloaded and installed the update manually from the MyVSL page.


  • YEah same here... are you on mac? im on sierra 10.12.6

  • Hi, 

    Just checked on OS X 10.12.6, no troubles here... 

    Which security measures are you using? Anything you can think of that could block the download/automatic installation?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL