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  • Crackles while editing or raised

    Thank you for the updates and fixes for VEP6.  My presets and a/b switch in Cubase works as it did in VEP5.  The new version of VEP is much more efficent and has some great features.

    I am having an issue that is on one of my VEP slaves. I  get crackles when and instance was open for editing or if I used the raise function to bring it to the top for editing. I had this issue in v5 as well. 

    Again only on this one computer.  I have an identical VEP slave that does not have this issue. 

    Thank you

    Dual 8core xeon 256gb of ram Windows 10 

  • Hello John, 

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    With identical computers showing different behavior, it´s always hard to find out where to start. 

    ANY differences in configuration or used software versions and plug-ins?

    What does your CPU usage tell you when the crackling occurs?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL