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  • Cubase Expression Maps with VSL?

    I am just beginning to explore the use of expression maps in Cubase. I have downloaded the Cubase VST Expression Map files from "My VSL" and installed them.

    There are many music demos that include tutorial downloads of one sort or another. Are there any tutorials that specifically address the use of Cubase Expression Maps with VSL instruments?

    Any education, instructional or other resources that anyone can recommend on this topic?

    Any VSL users who have found Cubase Expression Maps to be their preferred way to work with VSL instruments?

  • I use expression maps with pretty much everything, but especially VSL. I make my own ones though.

  • Thank you for your reply. Would you be kind enough to share your reasons why you make your own instead of using the ones provided by Vienna?

  • Because I generally also make my own VI Pro matrices, so the premade maps from VSL obviously wouldn't work. I have my own personal setups for all my VSL instruments, everything's set up towards my personal workflow, habits, prefered ways of switching between articulations, the CCs I use, etc. That's exactly what makes the combination VI Pro + expression maps so powerful: it's incredibly customizable!

  • Hello Paul!

    The VST Expression Maps we provide come with short instructions (pdf files). A tutorial video on this topic can be found here (bottom of the list).!Video_Demos

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Andi,

    As I mentioned, I am just getting started with Cubase Expression Maps, but it seems to be the ideal way to work with VSL instruments. If one can master them, not sure why one would use anything else.

    I have been playing around with woodwind expression maps, trying things out, and of course the preset is BIG, very big. Do the expression maps actually utilize all of the patches in the preset? It seems there are far more patches than Cubase expression items.

    Thanks for the great VSL instruments.

  • Hi Paul!

    Yes, the Expression Maps make use of all patches that are included in the according VI presets.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi, Since not all the patches of the full instruments are included in the presets, how do you deal with the more advanced articulations that are excluded? Do you modify the presets and maps? Or, all considered are you happy with the supplied patches? I'm thinking, for example, to the strings' progressive vibrato, or the strings' portato articulations. Or the prerecorded repetition patches. Are you happy not to use them, or are you finding a way to add them to the expression map system? Is there a reason they were excluded from the presets? Paolo

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