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  • Windows VEP 6.0.15318: "It seems you are starting the app through a remote desktop connection"

    Never seen this before. I did the normal update, now I have to restart CorD from the Mac to launch VEP.

    Is this intended with the new update?

  • (Once I do, a Console window opens with these commands:

    C:\Windows\system32>tscon 2 /dest:console


    C:\Windows\system32>"C:Program Files\Vienna Ensemble Pro\Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe -server"

  • Happens with Microsoft Remote Desktop too :-(

  • Hi, 

    We added this as a workaround for broken Intel OpenGL drivers, causing crashes over remote desktop. The workaround opens up a local console and asks the user to reconnect remote desktop.

    It might be that we can identify the GPU name, and only perform this workaround when the faulty adapters are in use.

    The other option is to take this behavior away completely, and tell everybody using such chips to buy more professional graphics cards.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • This makes sense, as I'd been having problems with MIR and note having the right chipset for OpenGL. I've added a card (but that is complaining about drivers still).

    Thanks for responding. Maybe it's worthwhile to add a notification window there saying why?

  • Bumping an old thread...

    It would really be nice if this could be fixed, because it's incredibly annoying. This morning, for about the third time this week, I went through the following rigamarole:

    • Log in to my imac and find that Dorico is frozen because something (who knows?) caused the network to flake out overnight.
    • Switch to Microsoft Remote Desktop to look at VEP, which is running on my Windows 10 machine. It, too, is hopelessly hung.
    • Kill VEP. (Hope I saved.)
    • On the iMac, kill Microsoft Remote Desktop because I can't start VEP with it.
    • On the iMac, start up TeamViewer.
    • Fumble around looking for the magic TeamViewer ID that I've written on a post-it. Find it and enter it.
    • Black screen.
    • Switch video resolution at random a couple times until I can see a login screen.
    • Log in to Windows 10.
    • Black screen again.
    • Switch video resolution a time or two more; now I can see the Windows desktop. 
    • Start VEP and load my template. Thanks to lots of solid state drives, that only takes five minutes. 
    • Back to the iMac. Kill TeamViewer. (It works to start VEP, but is laggy and won't work at all with MIR.)
    • Kill Dorico. (Hope I saved.)
    • Restart Dorico and load the project I was working on. Forgot to save, but luckily Dorico has autosave.
    • Load the autosave file and save to the original project file. 
    • Start Microsoft Remote Desktop. Now I can can see VEP and MIR works fine. Microsoft Remote Desktop works really, really well. Except to start VEP. 
    • Only 10 minutes later, and I'm back in business!

    It would really be nice if

    • A connected VEP didn't hang hopelessly when the network has issues. Maybe just drop the connection and wait for a new one? 
    • VEP could be started from Microsoft Remote Desktop. Using TeamViewer is an ugly, tedious work-around.