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  • Saxophone Library Ranges


    I'm curious as to whether the saxophone libraries include sampling for the altissimo range, as there's no mention specifically of the extended range in the Sample Content on any of the sax pages. If the instruments' altissimo ranges have been sampled, I'd also like to know to what extent this has been recorded (what articulations, highest sampled pitches, are all the pitches across the altissimo range sampled or only certain ones, etc).

    Is there a location where the precise available ranges of the saxophone libraries can be seen? If it's possible, I'd really appreciate it if someone could direct me to a detailed listing of the sampled ranges for each of the saxophone libraries.

    Thanks kindly!


  • Hi Snowden, 

    I have just sent the Library Manual of the Saxophones to your registered email address. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • The range depends on the articulation you have loaded which I presume is why VSL doesn't publish the instrument ranges on the site. For example, I own the Tener Sax and, in the manual, the range varies from G2 to E5ish or D#5.  Again, it depends on the articulation.  Maybe you could contact sales or support and request a PDF of the library manual? 


    Incidentally, if you go to the Academy section of the site it does give general ranges of common orchestral instruments but unfortunately I didn't see saxophones listed.

  • Hi Paul,

    Hopefully this will still be seen, as it's been about a year and a half since the post, but I too am interested in the saxophone ranges, so would you be able to send the manual my way as well? Thanks!

  • Hi asavage643, 

    Just sent the library manual to your registered email address!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL