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  • SOLVED DImension strings popping


    Problem solved , it was my EWI outputting too much cc info at once . With just cc1 and cc2 for xfades all is fine.


    I am having a big problem with Dimension strings . When using a perf-legato patch I get a popping sound when releasing a note . I can repeat this with very little loaded, even just 1 violin and one patch . It doesnt happen immediately but after about 30 secs of playing the sound . If I add the vel xf it happens immediately . I also notice that when I 1st load the sound and play the voices count is smooth and can jump up to 30 on fast passages but once the pops start it only goes up to 2 so something is not right.

    Its not a cpu thing or ram as I have 96gb on a late 2013 cylinder mac . It happens in standalone , in ve pro 6 or in logic x . I have no other clicks or pops with any Kontakt or vienna sounds. I have ve pro and logic at 512 and have latest version of vi instrument pro and Dimension strings updates. I have tried different settings in general settings in vi inst such as preload but nothing changes. ( I also have all samples on seperate ssd drives. ) Any help much appreciated .