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  • Can`t open VEP5 projects saved with ProTools after VEP6 Upgrade!!!!


    Sessions with Vienna Ensemble Pro5 RTAS plugin used in Pro Tools can`t be launched after upgrading to VEP6! 

    It doesn`t make sense for me - a lot of PT users saw VEP5 as a great solution and money saver for not upgrading their 32 bit ProTool systems for entering the world of 64 bit advantages. With the upgrade the RTAS plugin is removed!

    Why?? VSL should have informed better! If I knew what I know now - I haven`t upgraded

    The only way to use the upgrade is to open all my ProTools sessions and save the Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 setups as projects and open them in VEP 6!!! Or If it was possible to have both VEP5 and VEP6 installed at the same time!

    Life is too short for that! Waste of money - I have uninstalled VEP6 and still using VEP5!

    So if you can imagine yourself in the same scenario as me - think about it before you upgrade and save your money!!!

  • which PT version do you use ?

    If it is PT10 then you can also install the aax version of VEP 5 (maybe you have it installed but did always use the RTAS version ...?). Open a project with VEP 5 RTAS in use and exchange the RTAS version with the AAX version via the plugin menu (there should be both versions available). the settings will be remembered. Save the project and now it can be opened with VEP 6. That was at least my experience... 

    Of course VEP5 and 6 cannot be installed at the same time, so this is somewhat a cumbersome workaround- but still it works.

    Maybe the programmers find a solution for one of the next updates that the RTAS setting will be recognized by VEP6 and loaded correctly

  • Thank you tonwurm - usefull info! I will try that! You are right about RTAS versus AAX. Thank you !