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  • [SOLVED] No servers were installed when ungrading to VEP 6

    Hello.  I have just upgraded from VEP 5 to VEP 6, version 'ViennaEnsemblePro-Win-6.0.15264.exe'.  First I uninstalled VEP 5, and removed all of the remnants.  Then I installed VEP6 and ran the eLicencer with the new key.

    My problem is that neither the 32 bit or the 64 bit Pro Server were installed.  I went back to VEP 5 after uninstalling 6 and still no servers.  When I originally installed VEP 5 I had both servers.  What can be wrong?  I have re-installed 6 several times.

  • Never mind, I figured it out.  I just need to add the parameter 'server' to a shortcut as in 'Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe -server'. Then it starts as a server and I can add instances by clicking on the + symbol.  That wasn't clear in the manual.