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  • VEP6 Channel Colors: Any Plans To Introduce Custom Colors Pallette

    Re: VEP6

    For channel colors, unless I'm missing something it looks like we are limited to the colors in the provided pallette. The provided pallette is quite limited and skewed heavily towards nuances of some colors while providing few variations of others. With the potentially huge number of channels involved in orchestral work, it would be most helpful to have the ability to produce custom color pallettes. 

    I would like to create a pallette that allowed me to designate basic colors for each broad instrument family (woodwinds, brass, percussion, keys and mallets, strings) and then be able to distinctly grade the instruments within that family. For example, the broad brass family I could broadly designate as yellow or gold (and make my tab that color), then Trumpets could be yellow, Trombones gold, and Tubas a golden brown. This way I could create a system of lighter color codes for higher register instruments and darker for those in the lower register. 

    With the currently offered pallett it is difficult to do this and make the colors distinctly different enough to easily see the differentiations.

    Cubase has this sort of flexibility, though like many of it's features it is implemented in a way that makes application of it quite tedious.

    Anyway, just a friendly suggestion for a future update or upgrade.

    P.S. - Also, the color selection window when opened jumps around in ways that sometimes make it hard to access. If the selected channel is displaying in full screen near the far right edge of the mixer, for me the color selection window sometimes jumps completely off the screen. I have to reposition the window and reopen the selector to get to it.

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  • Totally agree - this would be an extremely simple feature to add with great end-user benefit!!

  • Yes !!!

  • Bumping this thread.  Used to have a great color palette with ability to customize colors and now it's gone.  And the current color pallette is dull looking.

  • Bump

  • Hi, 

    On our to-do-list, but will take some more time. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. I totally agree here. Colors are globally dark. We need clearer and brighter ones...

  • Actually, we need the option for individual choices like in VE Pro 5, because in MIR Pro we need dark colours for better contrast.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library