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  • Wish for the next Vienna Instrument Pro update

    Changes for the parameter "Dly", "Tun" and "Hmz" doesn't have any effect until the next note is played.

    Makes sense for delay and timing humanisation because that concerns the note start and can't be altered while the note is already playing.

    But it would be cool to have realtime control over the detuning parameter while the note is playing. i.E. to change lushness while playing and make effects like note-to-cluster in realtime. And it would be also a real time control over 'soaring' by creating extreme vibrato envelopes in the humanize curves.

    Especially for Dimension Strings (but would also work for stacked instruments of different sections).

  • Hi!

    In what way is the tuning/intonation curve different from the functionality (!) of the pitch bend controller?
    If there is no (or insignificant) difference, your plans might be put into practice by automating the pitch bend controller instead of the intonation curve?

    Kind regards,