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  • Best Router To Use For Networking Vienna Ensemble Pro 6?

    I'm using a Macbook Pro OS El Capitan running Ableton as my main DAW and an ASUS G74 laptop with Windows 10 as the slave computer to work with Vienna Ensemble Pro 6. The Asus has 16gb memory, i7 processor, and is using an SSD storing the Vienna sound library.

    Everything works fine, except every once in a while notes hang for a few seconds and then release, and as this happens I have no input control from my midi keyboard via Ableton. 

    I suspect it could be my router causing the drop outs and hanging sounds. Currently I have a Netgear N300. But strangely enough if I hook up another router that is a much older and slower (100mbps) it works.

    The Netgear N300 is wired into the internet to the cable modem while the older 100mbps router is not. Can this have an effect? Obviously the N300 is supposed to be way faster at 300mbps. There are a couple devices (mobile phones) connected to the wifi of the Netgear and that's the only things connected to it at the time. And they aren't pulling any data except for checking emails and small things like that.

    On the ASUS laptop the network activity is only showing up to 20mbps in communications being used up. So I know I'm no where near the peaks with either router.

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I'm looking for pointers here as I'm new to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6. 

    Advice or suggestions are welcome. Thank you :)


  • Best to get a Gigabit Switch that's spearate from the router

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    @Bill said:

    Best to get a Gigabit Switch that's spearate from the router

    Thanks Bill for the advice. I believe I located the problem. Some of it was because of the default setting with only 2 cores being used. Set it to 8 and it is working fine now.

    But what Gigabit switch brand would you recommend for the most reliable? Thanks! 

    Hope to post soon some of the orchestral movements coming forth...