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  • Why are RACKS recommended?


    I've been using VEPro 5 for quite a while and now just upgraded to VEPro 6. I'm also using Cubase 8.5.20.


    I am wondering why it says (in the manual) that Cubase RACK instruments are recommended instead of Instrument tracks?  I have asked many people and so far nobody has been able to give me an answer.  I started originally building a template with Rack Instruments and then I thought I would try Instrument tracks because of the Disable track feature (in Cubase) but that's buggy and forgets all routing (yes still) so now I have upgraded to VEPro 6 I am questioning to myself whether I should go back to RACKs.

    Any information on this would be really appreciated! :)


  • I want to know this too...

  • Especially when this is happening:

    in short: soloing / muting a midi track or audio output of an multi-output rack instrument will solo all outputs, making soloing / muting tracks somewhat impossible. 

    // EDIT: When enabling Solo Defeat (ctrl - alt - solo) on all audio tracks, soloing the midi tracks will only solo the corresponding audio tracks. 

    if someone has a solution, please let us know. Otherwise i'd like to know the performance difference between using multiple VE Pro as track instrument for all tracks and using a couple VE Pro's as rack instruments and multiple midi tracks & audio outputs. If there's no performance issues, sticking to instrument tracks would feel more convenient (combined midi & audio track).

  • I didn't really think my reply over. Of course you can't add single VE Pro instance for all single instruments loaded into VE Pro template, as one instance in Cubase "reserves" the instance in the server. 

    The benefits of using VE Pro as Rack instrument then would be the possibility to move specific outputs under the corresponding midi channel, where as with Track instruments you cannot move the outputs outside the Track instrument's output section. For me it feels convenient to have the audio output data displayed under the midi track in order to create automation easily.

    Ultimately it would be great to have something like a Track instrument, which could be connected to a single midi & audio track of an instrument inside a VE Pro instance, meaning multiple VE Pro instruments in Cubase could be connected to a single instance of VE Pro on the server.