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  • Extended Star-Spangled Banner

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    Attached is the score I did of the Star-Spangled Banner that was featured in a film currently in theaters here in the United States. VSL was what I used to do the mockup that I presented to the producers who approved the arrangement. It includes addition verses from the original poem not typically sung at the ballgames and runs about 3mins.

    It is also available currently on iTunes in the US, for those who would like to hear.

    iTunes Link


    Composer: Francis Scott Key / John Stafford Smith / Arr. Stephen Limbaugh
    Orchestra: Nashville Scoring Orchestra & Choir
    Tenor Soloist: Todd Barnhill
    Child Soloist: Sophia Cox
    Studio: Ocean Way, Nashville TN
    Producer: Stephen Limbaugh
    Engineer: Dennis Sands
    Assistant Engineer: Nick Spezia
    Mixer: Dennis Sands / Jose Alcantar
    Mastering: Becker Mastering
    Conductor: John Beal

  • (addition score pages)






  • (final two pages)



  • Featured in Hillary's America to be more specific, I dont know why you dont provide this to be able to listen to in its entirety, not all of us are thieves and I really despise this notion that because it might be on Youtube or soundcloud, that none of us would buy it. Yes, I understand it is probably not your decision but something to do with the movie or recording studio, but it is still incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

    Nonetheless, the arrangement is absolutely beautiful, epic, very fitting of America and our values, represented dramatically through a wonderful music arrangement.

    I was able to find a small soundbite on Youtube and immediately went looking to purchase it, I will not buy from Apple (Im not installing Itunes just to buy one song) but was able to find it on Amazon for $.89.

    I would love to hear an extended arrangement with verses included in their entirety but I understand that costs money. Brilliantly done sir, brilliantly done.


  • You Sir are a genius! At 46, I am just beginning my composition journey and you are an inspiration. I saw the movie that this piece was featured in at the movie theater along with my wife. We were greatly moved by it. Thank you.

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