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  • Problem between VEP 6 and Liquidsonics Reverberate 2 on W7

    Hi everyone !

    I'm having a little problem here, with reverberate 2 inside VEP6. Seems like, in a kinda semi random fashion, on loading and mixdown, I get some error messages popping up, telling me I'm using a wrong IR file (I'm using only the algorythmic ER) and scrambling up the mixdown a little bit. It happens only with VEP6.

    Has anyone encountered this problem as well ?

  • Hi Plougot, 

    That will be hard to answer without more details and the exact error messages (screenshots). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul !

    Here you go. The screenshots are in the attachment. This is upon loading. The sound is also completely messed up, as if the parameters were incorrectly set up.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    I know you must be working around the clock, but could this problem, once identified, be some sort of priority ? The thing is, I can't really work while it's there, since I can't load a project...