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  • Running VEP Pro on Host vs VIs within sequencer?

    I'm running DP 8, and VEPro 5 (I'm about to start a new project so I can't update to VEP6 yet..). I've always found this a bit of a dilemma since DP went 64 Bit:


    I have a New Mac Pro, top spec, with 64GB or RAM. I have a big orchestral / hybrid template, and host most of my orchestra on external Mac Mini Slaves. However I do need to host a ton of stuff on my main Mac Pro - especially as I get new sample libraries and would like them in my general template (and my Mac Minis are maxed out).


    I have a General Template VEPro 5 instance (on Main Mac Pro Host), which hosts most of my synths, Band, Guitars and other paraphernalia. However I do (randomly) host other VIs within DP itself.


    Now that we are able to disable VI tracks in DP (which makes switching DP sessions easier, can anyone tell me why one would bother using VEPro 5 on the Host machine at all?


    I've avoided V-Racks, since I rarely need to copy between chunks (and when I do, I simply disable/re-enable tracks so it's faster). However, I'm still a bit confused as to which is the best way  as far as workflow.


    I find that Audio Bundles get all confused when VE Pro is in question, and also I often find VEPro instances clearing themselves randomly (which is annoying) when connecting to DP


    Any thoughts / tips / best-practises out there?...