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  • Vienna Choir Sustains Sound Filtered - any thoughts


    I've owned Vienna Choirs for a few years now, and keep trying to use them in mixes, but always struggle with the tone.  To my ear, the sustained articulations (even at the highest velocity/vel-X level) sound like they have a low-pass filter across them, so that all the fizz and breath is removed from the samples.  

    The issue is exacerbated by the fact that the staccato articulations, and the dynamic swells don't suffer from this - the breath and sizzle is very present, whcih makes it even more glaring when switching between articulations that something is not right with the sustains.

    The issue is particularly noticable with the Sopranos.

    Ami I missing something?  Is there some hidden setting which is causing an LP filter to sit across some articulations and not others?   I've checked everything obvious iin VI Pro and cannot see anything unusual.

    Thanks for any suggestions or feedback.


  • I have noticed the exact same thing. The dynamic patches are so lush and then - as you say - the legato and sustains sound like they are filtered. I have used the exciter and eq in the past with some decent results. I am interested to see what VSL have to say about it.

  • Thanks Simon - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    Thing is, it's not at all subtle, the difference is really obvious.  Although EQ'ing can help, it causes it's own problems, because one then has awful sounding, over-EQ'ed dynamic and staccato samples, merged with ok sounding longs.

    It would be really good to hear something from VSL, because I'm pretty sure either a) the dynamics they sampled for the longs were not as loud as for the shorts and dynamic samples or b) some kind of filtering/EQ'ing has for some reason been applied to certain articulations (more likely from what I'm hearing).


  • Hi, 

    Sorry for the delay. 

    You are right, we had to apply more EQ/Mastering to the sustains in the Choir. Unfortunately there was no way around this. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL