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  • VE Pro 6 and Cubase 7: Old Projects take "ages" to open


    i just upgraded from VEPRO5 to VEPRO6.

    I try to load a Projekt created with VEPRO5 in Cubase and VEPRO6.

    The Projekt has got 6 Instances of VEPRO. All Instances got loaded, but when it comes to the Point where the Cubase Arrangement Window should open, nothing happens. When I Click on the VEPRO Windows the "No Response" /Keine R├╝ckmeldung  Message appears.

    On a second try I wait for 10 Minutes, when the Arrangement window finaly opens so my guess was that it might wait till all Samples are loaded into RAM.

    One a third try i check RAM Load on my Keboard Monitor. Same behavior as before, all Samples are loaded after 4-5 Minutes (RAM Load by 54% , no increase after that ) The Arrangement Window opens again after  aprox. another 5 Minutes.


    With VePRO5 the Cubase Arrangement Window opens instantly after loading all VEPRO instances. While the Samples where loaded in the backround i could work in Cubase. The overall Loading time seemed to be faster. Maybe  only 7-8 Minutes.


    Win 7 Pro  62bit 64GB RAM

    Cubase 7.0.7

    Kontakt 5 Player, Play 4 , VSL Instrument

    I am working on a single PC

    Are there maybe any options in the options menu i must set? It was never necessary in VEPRO5 so i did not change anything .



  • Hi Torsten, 

    We┬┤re just investigating this... Can you please send the song as a zip file to, so we can take a look?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    just send the Mail


  • Hi Paul,

    today i could see the following error Message in Kontakt Player while VEPRO6 stuck and hangs on the (no response) Message (Kontakt Player loaded in one of the VEPRO Instances):

    Scriptwarning  pgs_get_key_value(): error in parameters

    When the Cubase Arrangement Window finaly appears this message is gone

    Maybe that helps to find the bug.

    (Case 196684)


  • Hi,

    after 2 month no response from VSL Support?

    At the Moment Projects with mostly Play Instruments opens much faster than projects with Kontakt Instruments.... I never thought that would happen :D

  • Hi Torsten, 

    I just checked and saw that you┬┤re already in touch with our developer Karel Bassez. 

    We┬┤re always doing our best to follow up every bug report, sometimes it takes a bit longer. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL