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  • Bought Ve Pro 6, need advice.

    Hi Paul and Marnix, you guys are great. I love your product and have taken advantage of the cheaper update before months' end.


    1) I really wish you guys made VE 5 and VE6 compatible. Here's why: your instructions are to uninstall and reinstall VE 5 if 6 proves problematic. The flaw in this logic is that VE 5 cannot open VE 6 files. Unless there is a way to "save as" vers. 5 when INSIDE OF version 6, this is a potentially unworkable scenario in the event a user works in VE6 and decides to go BACK to VE5. Any "new" work will be unloadable in VE5!!!

    2) I had trmendous difficulties (which you all know well), when EZ drummer changed it's naming protocol. So much so that I had to go BACK to an earlier vers. of EZ drummer. I know that EZ isn't officially supported, (why I haven;t a clue-as EZ is a major drum program), but my quetion is: has this issue been fixed in VE 6? 

    3) After all the lost work, I am not in a position to lose any more time so I will wait a few updates before moving to VE 6.

    3A-What are the current issues with DP 9.1 and it's new latency protocols? Seems there have been problems. I myself have stayed back at DP 9.01 due to too many problems in 9.1. But I will go to DP 9.1 when updates make that possible.

    3B- is there a precise list of known issues with VE6 that I can read so I know in advance whether I'm going to have problems? I have been reading the threads here and followig them via email, but it would be nice if there was a consolidated list. 

    Again, it would be so helpful if VE5 and VE6 could co-exist without overwritng each other. Then any user could "jump in" and not be paranoid of problems. When a user has professional obligations on a daily basis and uses VE Pro in such CRUCIAl projects, there is no ability to work in VE6, then "go back" to VE 5 and lose whatever work was done in 6.

  • Hi, 

    1) That´s a conscious choice, as it will keep confusion at a lower level. I understand you point, and believe me, I wish it was easy to do.  

    2) Yes, that has been fixed. 

    3) No problem. 

    3A) I´m not aware of any latency issues with VE PRO 6. Do you want to point me to an example?

    3B) There is no known bugs list, but we are still working on improvements. I´ll see that we can get such a list. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Re: making a list- Thanks you guts so accessable, I appreciate that.

    Well, for one thing, right now in DP 9, I have to stay at 0 buffers or the beat is late. 

    And auditioning loops in a program like Superior or EX drummer, WITH buffers above 0, "none", results inlopps playing late.

    I am not communicating 100% efficiently here, sorry, I'm preoccupied in the studio and wasnt prepared to be scientific with tests of when and where VE Pro started needing to be at 0 buffers again. It used to work on higher buffers in normal operating conditions and only have problems auditioning loops in programs like Superior, or even stylus. But somewhere, with DP 9, it started to need to be at 0 ltency again.


    I will tell you this:

    I run LOTS of aux tracks with sub mixes and big plug ins on buses and the Mastser bus, which culminates in iZoptope Ozen and other plugs on the master bus. All this worked before though so, even though I know these plug ins make more work for latency comp engines, the fact that they worked untol recently shows they should work. 

    Anything been done with that kind of sceario/latency?

  • Hi, 

    Did you contact MOTU with these findings yet? Would be good to know what they say. 

    Nothing changed in latency management with VE PRO 6 on our side, but we will take a look at what could be wrong and if we can confirm this behaviour. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Running DP 9.02/Windows 8.1/VEP 6.

    I find that VEP latency is un-noticeable when playing back sequences. However, when bounced to disc, the same sequences have noticeable latency when using Waves plug-ins from inside VEP. But inserting the same plug-ins over auxes returning into DP from VEP mitigates the problem.