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  • VEP6 suggestion: Progress bar



    I would suggest adding a progress bar to VEP6 so you can see how much of the project is loaded. In VEP5 you could see each instance added as it was loading, in VEP6 you have no clue whether it is loading instance 1 of 20 or 10 of 20 or how far it is.


    Also... the CMD+arrow keys for browsing through instances doesn't work (on Mac at least) with instances open that apparently take control of your CMD key - like Omnisphere. If you scroll through instances, you won't get past an instance with Omnisphere showing. I don't know if there are similar issues with other plugins - with Kontakt it isn't a problem I know.

  • Hi Simon, 

    We´ll see what can be done with the progress bars, I´d also like to see that added. 

    Regarding Omnisphere: Spectrasoncis chose a different path in some regards, unfortunately that is nothing we have influence on. 

    But feel free to contact Spectrasonics directly!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL