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  • "No license available which can be upgraded"

    Hi all,

    I have four machines running VEP 6. All three slaves upgraded without any problems. My main machine gives me this error. I have VEP 5 as a "collection license" with Vienna Instrument, but the slaves are set up the same way.

    Tried repairs, reinstalls and updates all around. Same message everytime.

    Windows 7 on all four machines.

    Anyone else experiences something similar?


  • Hello Jason, 

    This has to do with the fact that you have multiple VE PRO licenses, which need different VE PRO 6 Upgrade licenses. 

    These are the existing licenses (before VE PRO 6): 

    1) VE PRO 4 (you have none that have not been upgraded)

    2) VE PRO 4 upgraded to VE PRO 5 (you have 6 of those)

    3) VE PRO 5 (you have 3 of those)

    I have attached a screenshot that show what these 3 licenses look like. 


    And these are the possible upgrade licenses to VE PRO 6: 

    1) VE PRO 4 => VE PRO 6 (none)

    2) VE PRO 4 upgraded to VE PRO 5 => VE PRO 6 (you have received 6)

    3) VE PRO 5 => VE PRO 6 (none, but your next order of VE PRO 6 will get you those automatically)


    So thereĀ“s a logic behind all this, with multiple licenses registered on your account:

    FIRST we send upgrade licenses for the oldest licenses, then the others follow (depending on your registrations). 


    You have received 6 VE PRO 4+5 => VE PRO 6 licenses, so you will need to find those 6 VE PRO 4+5 licenses on your keys to upgrade. 


    Any questions, please contact us directly at


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL