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  • VEP6.0.15258 freezes in SONAR Platinum

    VEP6.0.15258 freezes as well as VEP6.0.15224, too.

    • VEP6 freezes by the first connection from SONAR Platinum.
    • VEP6 stops at 29% while loading.
    • MIRPro stops by 97% of loading.

    VEP6.0.15258 worsened from VEP6.0.15224.

    I installed VEP5 again.

  • That is unfortunate. Could you send a project file to so we can try to reproduce and subsequently fix this issue? Please mention my name and a link to this forum post for quickest results. Thanks.

  • VEP6 freezes in new file, existing file, both.



    1. VEP6 Sever(64bit) start.
    2. Make a new project in SONAR.
    3. Connected to VEP6.
    4. Make a channel in VEP6.(MIRpro may stop by 97% of loading here.)
    5. Save a project.
    6. Close both programs.
    7. VEP6 Sever start.
    8. Load a project in SONAR.
    9. Connected to VEP6.
    10. VEP6 freezes.

    VEP6 freezes with 100% of probability now.

     VEP5 is no problem. The channel setting is loaded normally in VEP5.

  • Please send the project file(s) to

    What plugins are you using in your projects?

  • I have already sent it to Karel Bassez.

    Thank you very much for your advice.