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  • VEP 6 channel freeze/disable automation?

    Does channel freeze/disable button can be automated from main host? Via midi or any other way? Cause that's the only feature i actually need from new VEP 6.

    And btw, why i can't download demo of VEP 6 as owner of VEP 4 & 5? It says "You need at least one registered library product for a Demo License. " It's a bit strange for me :)

  • Hi, 

    I have just sent a free VE PRO 6 Demo License to your registered email address. 

    These demo licenses work for 30 days/30 starts.
    Once the 30 starts are used up, you can recharge them as often as you like by clicking "Maintenance" in the eLicenser Control Center (within 30 days). 

    Automation works like with any other parameter in VE PRO. Hope you will also like the other features. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Got it, thanks!