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  • No Sound through StudioRack after VEPro6 6.0.15224 Update

    I just ran the latest update and now none of my projects that had StudioRack signal chains work in VEPro6, which were more than a few; quite a loss. The plugins work fine everywhere else loaded as bus inserts within DP and Live. Here are the exact symptoms once I load DP and corresponding VEP Server Projects:

    - With StudioRack Signal chain engaged, no sound when I play a key
    - Bypassing StudioRack passes sound through to DP (so, I hear the dry instument)
    - If I play and hold a note/key while SR is bypassed then unbypass SR, I get digital noise

    For the recored, I have it working right now because I reverted back to the first VEPro6 installer, Version 6.0.1580. So, there's that....whew! And yes, I know all about the Waves (in)compatiblities but I managed to get everything working seamlessly before the update with no issues. Could you guys please check up on this? I would like to take advantage of the new updates but as of now, the new updated version is definitely not playing nicely. I'm sure this is just an isolated incident, or at least I hope so.

    Also, StudioRack works fine in Live 9.6.2, so it's the VEPro6 update that is giving me a problem.

    Essentials on this system are W7, DP9.1, MOTU 2408MKIII - an otherwise pretty reliable running system. No special software or other hardware devices.

    By the way...I really like the new layout and features.

  • Hi Mathematics, 

    Thanks for reporting!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Fixed for the next update.