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  • VEP 5: Automation Occurs Ahead of time by a Few Seconds

    In Logic Pro X, when a track has VIENNA ENSEMBLE, automation occurs a few seconds before the real DAW automation data. That is, I can see the knobs move long before the automation changes are reached during playback

    In Logic Pro X, I set the Process Buffer to "Large" due to CPU overload ( according to Logic, not Activity Monitor which shows plenty of room ). Perhaps, that change is when I began noticing the "negative delay" in the automation.

    Plug-in Latency Compensation is set to "All"

    Will I have to advance my automation lines or is there another solution?

    Regarding the Logic preferrence in Audio -> General:  "Sample Accurate Automation. From what I've read, it also provides delay compensation which would solve this. Why does your documentation say to turn it  off?

    I use VEP on my local computer, not on a Slave computer.

    I wish Logic used the CPU as well at Vienna Ensemble does! 

  • Process Buffer to "Medium" makes no discernable difference.